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About Us

About Us


I'm Loren, the founder of Desirable Glow. Since a very young age I have always loved having a candle burning and have enjoyed the sense of harmony and comforting atmosphere that candles bring to a home.

It wasn't until early 2016 where my passion & love for candles began to grow. I started creating candles for myself, which filled the air with many delectable fragrances and created a sense of tranquillity in my work and home environment.


I started sharing my candles with friends, family and work colleagues, which then led me to begin my journey on a new chapter of life. Everyone was enjoying my creations, which gave me a sense of fulfilment and pride, hence in 2017 saw the emergence of Desirable Glow. We have since expanded in our range. Our products now consist of handmade fragrant candles with a high quality soy based additive and scented reed diffusers. Desirable Glow is proud to be an Australian manufacturer.  We work out of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

It is our mission to provide customers with a product that exceeds all expectations. We take care in our manufacturing and handling process.  

I hope that my product and creations not only fill your room with delectable fragrances, fill your heart with a sense of harmony and tranquillity.


Loren Carattoli

Founder of Desirable Glow


Our vision is to provide a service that creates a calming and soothing environment with quality fragrances for you to indulge in whether it be in your home or workplace.

Our vision is to create a better everyday life for people.


Our Range

Our candles are handmade products made with a wax containing a soy based additive that is natural and kosher.

Using only the highest quality of fragrance oils, we at Desirable Glow dedicate time to our products to ensure that each of our final products meet the highest level of expectations. With focus and dedication; our team promises to provide you with a unique blend of fragrances, leaving your room with a delectable strong scent throw.
For an alternative product that is still made perfect to create a nice welcoming atmosphere in your home or your workplace. Our scented reed diffusers can be supplied with most of our scents so you can enjoy a heavenly scented environment with a product from our collection of exclusive reed diffusers.

Combine your favourite fragrance from our selected range with one of our luxury reed diffusers to wonderfully perfume your office or home. At Desirable Glow we assure you that like all our products, our range of Reed Diffusers are made with a high quality diffuser base which provides a superior fragrant scent throw for your room.


Functions & Events

Allow us to take control. Letting people drive from the back seat isn't always the approach that people choose to take. Although, with events such as weddings and corporate events, we understand how much planning is already required from you in other departments. Trust in our team that we can bring your vision to life with whatever it is that you require on your special day.

With previous experience catering for;

  • Weddings

  • Engagements

  • Christenings

We can guarantee that your guests will be leaving with a unique token of your choice. We can help you celebrate your day by creating a gift to make your day a memorable one for everyone. Let our efficient and well trained team work alongside you to help your gift compliment your special occasion.

Our team is proficient and promises to distribute each product with a high level of care!

Here at Desirable Glow, we would love to be part of your day by making your moment an unforgettable one.

If your interested in what we have to offer, please refer to our contact form and get in touch with us regarding your occasion.

Note, not all of our products are listed on site. Let our team showcase their ideas that will be put together and tailored to your special occasion.


We came across Desirable Glow online, sent an email requesting information about bomboniere as a wedding favour. Loren's response was quick & very helpful. We were able to completely customise our order. We received them yesterday & they are impeccable. They designed a gorgeous label to suit our occasion perfectly. We are so pleased with the outcome.

Thank you Loren & your team for your part in making our special day so memorable.

Ella-Rose & Miles Calderon

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Contact Us

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