Frequently Asked Questions

Product FAQs

Do you use soy wax in your candles?

Yes, we only use soy wax in our soy candles, we do not colour or add chemicals to our wax as this will compromise the quality of a soy wax candle.

What kind of wicks do you use?

All our wicks are cotton and do not contain any lead.

Do you refill candle jars?

No, we do not refill candle jars as we want to uphold the highest safety standards, we do hope that you re-purpose your jars for other uses around your home or office.

Do you sell diffuser refills?

No, we do not sell diffuser refills, after six months+ your reeds will also need to be replaced, so we recommend purchasing a new complete diffuser pack.

Why is there black residue on the inside of my candle jar?

Black residue may appear on the glass of your candle if the wick is not trimmed. Ensure the wick is always upright and trimmed to 5mm before use and each time you re-light your candle. The black residue can be removed easily with a wet cloth.

Am I able to purchase gift vouchers online?

Unfortunately, gift vouchers have not yet been finalised. Sign up to receive updates about this and plenty more.

Website, Order & Delivery FAQs

How do I know you received my order?

When an order has been placed, you will receive an ‘order confirmation’ to the email you have entered when completing your purchase or the email stored in your account profile. Be sure to check your junk inbox too, in case the email has been placed there. If you do not receive the order confirmation, please contact us here and we will check that your order has gone through.

How do I get in touch with you?

Contact us here

What do you do with all my personal details?

Your privacy is something we take very seriously. We collect your personal information to process and dispatch your order, you can read through our Privacy Policy here

When will I receive my product?

Please refer to information regarding your order & delivery here

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